Snowskants* are the perfect winter apparel - on the mountain or off, they are comfortable to wear anywhere.


Pyxie was formed in Maine. The Great State of Maine as we say here. Vacationland, as our license plates boast!  Here is where you find people with an ability to thrive during our famously long winters.  We enjoy the outdoors and embrace our New England winters with pride and a “we’ll show you how it’s done” attitude when it comes to all things winter!  Pyxie is a company formed to promote having fun playing out in the snow.  We would like to see our “playground” stay around for generations to come and therefore we do our best to respect the environment, not only our incredibly special state - but the entire planet, so Mother Nature can continue to bring us snowy winters!*  

The invention of Snowskants came from a need for relief from unflattering, bulky, snow pants that women and girls have had to endure. While the sport skirt market was already underway, a skirt for active alpine snow sports didn’t exist. Whaaaaaat? How could that be? A search to the end of the internet came up empty, so Yankee Ingenuity kicked in and the Snowskants product was born.  Ski pants with a skirt attached - A simple feminine silhouette design that has all the basic tech features you need for cold climate fun, but none of the silly bells and whistles you don’t.  Amazingly comfortable, Snowskants offer added cushion and warmth on the lifts and other outdoor seating, such as après ski venues…. good idea right?!  We think so.  See you on the slopes!**


** or ice rink, or your local sledding or tubing hill, your kids snow fort, outdoor football game, your daily winter walk, or the grocery store in January! You get it.